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Approvals & Standards

  • IEC 60 269-4
  • DIN EN 60269-4 (VDE 0636-4)
  • DIN VDE 0636-3

Key features & benefits

The D0 fuse-system is the most modern of the screw systems in the German DIN standard. This system comprises the sizes D01, D02 and D03.
Those D0 ultra-fast acting “gR” ranges are dedicated to semi-conductor protection, in applications where fuse-links are accessible to non-trained persons and can also be changed by them.
They are used for the protection of components such as diodes, thyristors or AC/DC motor drives. The “R” stands for the English word Rectifier. D0 fuse-links are available at the rated current range from 2A up to 100A.

More specifications

Product Specifications

Item Number


Catalog number



High Speed Fuse-link D D0 RECTICUR Size D02 gR 440VAC 440VDC IEC 50A  

EAN/UPC code


Rated voltage AC IEC

440   V

Rated voltage DC IEC

440   V

Rated current

50   A



Fuse size




Clearing I2t At Rated Voltage

1650   A²s

Melting I2t

830   A²s

AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1

100   kA

Power Dissipation at Rated Current Value

10   W

Body/Insulating Material


Product Weight

0.013   kg

Product Diameter

15.3   mm

Product Length

36   mm

Sell Pack Quantity

25   EACH

Sell Pack Weight

0.325   kg

Sell Pack Width

82   mm

Sell Pack Length

82   mm

Sell Pack Height

40   mm