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By continuing to use this website, users unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions of use detailed below, as well as to the special conditions stipulated on certain pages of the website, which are subject to change.

Any user of this website (hereinafter the “User”) who does not accept these terms and conditions must not use this website. 

Only the version of these terms and conditions of use currently online is binding, and shall remain so for the entire duration of the website use or until replaced by another version.

Article 1 – Legal information

The Mersen website (hereinafter the “Website”) 

Website administrator/operator (hereinafter the “Operator”): 

Mersen Electrical Power 
MERSEN USA Newburyport-MA, LLC

A limited liability company registered under the laws of the State of Delaware (USA) whose head office is located at:

374 Merrimac Street 
Newburyport, MA 01950

Headquartered in Paris, France:

French société par actions simplifiée (simplified limited company) whose registered office is located at:

Tour Trinity
1 bis place de la Défense
92400 Courbevoie


Share capital: €3,573,500
APE code of registered office: Business and other management consulting (7022Z)
Registered with the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under No.: 433 803 137
SIREN No.: 433 803 137
VAT No.: FR96 433 803 137

Or by email:
Represented by:
Kian Sanjari, in his capacity as VP Global Marcom

Editorial director:
Kian Sanjari

Website hosted by:

Smile S.A.S
A limited liability company whose registered office is located at:
20 rue des Jardins, 92600 Asnieres-sur-Seine, France

Share capital: €707,786.75 Euros

Registered under the unique Identification Number: 378615363 00090 RCS Nanterre
Tel.: +33 4 37 23 56 69

Article 2 – Website access

Access to the Website is restricted to adults. The Operator reserves the right to request proof of age.

Access to and use of the Website are for strictly personal use only. The User undertakes not to use the Website, its content or data for commercial, political or advertising purposes or for any form of business solicitation, including unsolicited emails.

Article 3 – Website content

All trademarks, photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, animated or unanimated images and video and audio sequences, as well as all software applications that may be used to operate the Website and, more generally, all items reproduced or used on the Website, are protected by the applicable intellectual property laws.

They are the exclusive property of the Operator and its subsidiaries unless expressly stated otherwise. 

Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation in any form whatsoever of all or part of these items, including the software applications, without the prior written approval of the Operator, is strictly forbidden. Should the Operator not commence legal proceedings as soon as it becomes aware of any such non-authorized use, this shall not be considered acceptance of such use or waiver of prosecution.

Article 4 – Website management

The Operator takes all reasonable measures to ensure that this Website is accessible at all times.

For the purposes of proper Website management, the Operator may at any time:

  • Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the Website or restrict access to the Website or certain parts of the Website to a certain category of web users;
  • Delete any information that may disturb its operation or contravene national or international laws;
  • Suspend the Website to perform updates.

The content of this Website and of any websites accessible via links from the Website may, at any moment and without prior notice, be corrected, completed or updated. 

The Operator makes no representation or warranty that this Website or access thereto is secure, or that the Website is free of viruses or bugs that may cause data to be damaged or lost. The User is responsible for protecting his or her data from viruses. 

Article 5 – Links

Users are strictly forbidden from creating links to the Website or sections thereof without the Operator’s prior written approval, which may be requested:

By post:
Mersen Electrical Power Marketing Services
374 Merrimac Street 
Newburyport, MA 01950 

Or by email:

The Operator is free to deny this approval without having to justify its decision in any way. Should the Operator grant its approval, such approval is in all events temporary and may be withdrawn at any time without the Operator being required to justify its decision.

In all events, all links must be removed at the Operator’s request.

The Operator does not have any control over information accessible via a link to other websites and accepts no responsibility for their content.

Furthermore, this Website may contain links to other websites, which are provided solely for convenience. Under no circumstances does the Operator endorse the content of such websites. The Operator may not be held liable for the content of other websites and make no warranties or representations concerning such websites, their content or materials. 

Article 6 – Photographs and representations of products

Photographs of products, accompanied by their description, are not contractual and do not commit the Operator.

Article 7 – Social media

The Operator’s posts on its social media pages are managed by the members of the Mersen Group’s Communication department from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm CET.

The department also moderates any comments to posts after they have been posted.

The following comments are systematically deleted:

  • Aggressive comments;
  • Illegal or illicit comments, or any statement that goes against the rules of Internet good practice;
  • Any comment that does not comply with the rules of the sites on which the pages are hosted;
  • Comments written in texting language or capital letters;
  • Abusive comments, spam, trolling or promotional content (advertising, classified ads, etc.);
  • Private conversations that bear no relation to the matters dealt with on Mersen’s page;
  • Comments containing personal contact details.

Users can contact the Mersen team directly either by private messaging where possible or by email to, particularly if they believe a comment is illegal or infringes their rights.

Any comments regarding moderation can also be made via private messaging or email.

Content from Mersen pages posted by Users does not necessarily reflect the Mersen Group’s point of view. Each contributor is solely responsible for their own posts, including comments, photos and links. The Operator cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for such comments or their consequences.

Article 8 – Privacy

For all information on privacy and personal data protection, please refer to the Operator’s Privacy Policy, which is published on its website and accessible via the following link: Privacy Policy

Article 9 – Financial and stock market information

The information provided on this Website is not and may not be considered an offer, invitation or encouragement to invest in or carry out transactions on the Operator’s shares or any other financial instrument whatsoever offered by a Mersen company. Similarly, this information does not provide or constitute advice or recommendations on any investment decision whatsoever. 

Article 10 – Liability

All information accessible on this Website is provided “as is”. The Operator makes no express or implied warranties or representations regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the Website content.

The Operator may not be held liable in the event of a defect, malfunction, difficulty or interruption of operations preventing access to the Website or to one of its features.

Users are fully responsible for the hardware they use to connect to the Website, and must take all appropriate measures to protect their hardware and data, notably from malware circulating on the Internet. Furthermore, Users are solely responsible for the websites and data that they consult.

The Operator accepts no liability for any damage, whether direct, indirect, accidental, specific, consequential or non-consequential, of any type or origin whatsoever, arising out of the use of this Website or from the inability to use this Website, including but not limited to any loss of profit, interruption of business, loss of savings or loss of programs or other data, even if the Operator is expressly warned of the possibility of such damage.

The Operator may not be held liable should legal proceedings be initiated against it due to:

  • Use of the Website or any service accessible online;
  • Non-compliance by the User with these general terms and conditions.

The Operator accepts no liability for damage to the User, to third parties and/or to their hardware arising from accessing or using this Website. The User agrees to hold the Operator harmless in this regard.

Should the Operator be subject to arbitration or legal proceedings due to the User’s use of the Website, it may call on the latter to obtain compensation for all damages, payments, convictions and fees arising from such proceedings.

Article 11 – Governing law and jurisdiction

These Website terms and conditions of use are governed by the laws of the State of New York, United States of America, without regard to its conflict-of-law rules.

Any disputes relating to the validity, interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions of use shall be submitted to the competent courts under the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, or, if such court should not hold proper jurisdiction, to the New York State Supreme Court located in New York County (Manhattan) and the Parties acknowledge the jurisdiction of such court.


Article 12 – Contact

For all questions and requests for information regarding the products on this Website or the Website itself, Users may contact Mersen: 

By post:
Mersen Electrical Power Marketing Services
374 Merrimac Street 
Newburyport, MA 01950

Or by email: