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Approvals & Standards

  • All UL Fusible Disconnect Switches meet UL & CSA requirements
  • UL listed guide WHTY, File E191605 for UL 98 (ratings from 30A to 1200A)
  • IEC 60947-3

Key features & benefits

Mersen’s fusible disconnect switches are listed to UL 98 and bear the CE mark conforming to IEC 60947-3. They are “service entrance” devices capable of fully rated load-break and load-make. While longterm safety, reliability, and functionality are always paramount in the design of our products, these switches are also engineered to have the smallest footprint. The modular design allows placement of the handle anywhere amongst the poles. The fuse doors cannot open when the switch is in the “ON” position, and all switches are double-break, which isolates both fuse clips from voltage during fuse replacement. The switches’ “Test” position allows actuation of the auxiliary contacts without main power. Power taps enable energizing a CPT or surge device without the need for a separate terminal block. A wide range of ergonomic handles and accessories is available.

More specifications


  • Main disconnects
  • Short circuit protection
  • Electrical isolation
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Safety switch

Product Specifications

Item Number



UL 98 Fusible Switch 600VAC Class L 1200A 3-Pole Configuration: 3-0  

EAN/UPC code


Rated voltage AC UL

600   V

Rated voltage DC UL

250   V

Rated current

1200   A

ROHS Compliant


AC or DC


Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

200 kA  

Short Circuit Rating (Standalone)

200   kA

Fuse Type/Class

Class L  

Number of Poles


Contact materials

Silver-Plated Copper  

Connection/Terminal Type


Max Fuse Rated Current

1200   A

Max Horsepower Rating/FLA

3-Phase: 240V 250HP, 480V 500HP, 600V 500HP  

Contact type

Double Break  

Rated Insulation Voltage

1000   V

Installation Mounting

Direct Screw Mount  



Product Weight

44.9056   kg

Product Width

429   mm

Product Length

426   mm

Product Height

293.9   mm

Sell Pack Quantity

1   EA

Sell Pack Weight

47.1509   kg

Sell Pack Width

439.9   mm

Sell Pack Length

564.9   mm

Sell Pack Height

700   mm