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Other Product Certifications

Kitemark / S Mark / VDE / CCC / Type approvals in the fields or shipbuilding / Class-1-Division-2-locations

The Marks of Acceptance

To design and manufacture electrical products for today's marketplace, you need to "think global." This is especially true when it comes to product safety certification.

Mersen has circuit protection products to help you meet every major standard in every country. We work with regulatory bodies the world over to test and certify our products, so you can choose components that will meet the product safety requirements of the markets you want to reach.

Evidence of these approvals are the certification marks found imprinted on our products. Here are some of the more common marks and what they mean.


The British Standards Institution Mark — known as the Kitemark — is proof of compliance with standards endorsed by BSI, the world's first national standards organization. For more information, visit

S Mark

Granted by independent laboratory ETL SEMKO, the S Mark designates products that comply with safety requirements applicable to the European Union.

VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik)

As a neutral and independent German organization, the  VDE Testing and Certification Institute carries out the testing of electrotechnical products, components and systems, according to DIN VDE standards and harmonized European standards, and bestows the VDE Certification Mark which is recognized and respected worldwide as a guarantee of quality and safety. 

CCC (China Compulsory Certificate)

The CCC certificate was introduced in 2002 and applies to  low voltage goods imported in China as well as to products manufactured in China. A follow up in the manufacturing facility as for other major standards is operated in Europe and North Africa by VDE. 

Type approvals in the fields of shipbuilding

Since the beginning of the 20th century, and a few major maritime disasters, agencies have sprung up around the world to set standards for and inspect merchant and cruise vessels. 

Those agencies stay in constant contact through the IACS on a global level, and within its own country each issues certificates recognizing the suitability of products or parts for use in shipbuilding.

Their requirements include not only electrical performance tests but also stresses related to the marine environment, like vibrations, and damp and salt mist atmospheres. 

Mersen also offers product ranges listed by Bureau Veritas , Lloyd’s Register , Germanisher Lloyd , Det Norske Veritas, and Korean Register.